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Understanding Design of Chain Drives and Sprocket

Design of chain sprocket and drives

Chain drive is a method of conveying mechanical power from one put to another. It is often used to communicate power to the wheels of a vehicle, chiefly bicycles and motorcycles. It is too used in a wide diversity of machines besides vehicles. Chain and sprocket wheel is a profile wheel with teeth, cogs, or even sprockets that mesh by a chain, track or other perforated or indented material. In the machine design engineering the name 'sprocket' applies usually to any wheel upon which radial projections connect a chain transitory over it. In an industrial ability, motors and turbines utilize energy to generate rotating mechanical motion. In order to harness this movement to execute useful work, there must be a way to convey it to other parts and machines. One technique of power transmission is by the use of chain drives and sprockets.
Design of Chain Drive
The form of the chain wheels is resolute through the chain size, number of teeth and the torque to be transmitted. Wheels with hubs permit the transmission of a higher torque, whereas plate wheels may be used simply for the transmission of lesser torques. The appropriateness of a chain drive for a precise purpose depends upon whether it can maintain the stresses that arise for an unspecified period of time. When designing it is necessary to take into account all influencing factors which in their total decide the toughness of a chain and sprocket. The subsequent diagram is designed to give a suggestion of the interdependence of the influencing factors.
Chain Sprocket and Drive
Chain Sprocket and Drive
Design of Sprocket
A sprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth, cogs, or even sprockets that mesh by a chain, track or other puncture or indented material. The name sprocket related usually to any wheel upon which radial outcrop connect a chain transitory over it. Chainand sprocket are of a variety of designs, an utmost of competence organism maintain for all by its inventor. Chain and sprocket characteristically do not have a projection.
Advantages of Chain Drive
Advantages of chain drive are given below:
·         As no slip receives place through chain drive, hence ideal speed ratio is obtained.
·         Since the chains are made of metal, so they occupy less space in width than a belt or cord drive.
·         The chain drives might be used when the detachment flanked through the shafts is less.
·         The chain drive gives elevated transmission competence (up to 98 per cent).
·         The chain drive provides fewer loads on the shaft.

·         The chain drive has the capability of transmit movement to numerous shafts through one chain only. 
Types of Chains
Roller Chain
Steel roller chains subsist of arrange of individual chain links. Each link in rotate consists of individual parts some of which are intended to convey tensile loads and others that permit the expression of two links in deference of each other.
Design of Roller Chain
Design of Roller Chain
Bush Chain
In the case of a bush chain, the teeth of the chain wheel forever contact the still bushes at the similar point. It is consequently significant to give exceptional lubrication when by this kind of drive. The bearing region recognized in the table for each chain size is the outcrop of the bearing outside among bush and bearing pin.
Silent Chain
Silent chain, or inverted tooth chain, is a kind of chain with teeth shaped on its links to connect with the teeth in the sprockets. Silent chains drives are not really silent.
Design of Silent Chain
Design of Silent Chain
The links in a silent chain drive, though, connect with the sprocket teeth by little collision or sliding, and as a consequence a silent chain produces fewer vibrations and sound than other chains. Silent chain can be used in a diversity of power transmission and conveying functions.

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